Aviva ProLamp – Double LED


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Our unique Aviva Lamp is an absolute game changer! This gorgeous chic 86w double lamp has many incredible features that make it the perfect nail lamp for professional technicans. We are  proud to be one of the only nail brands in the UK with this type lamp.

It’s pink LED lights are perfectly positioned to cure fingers and thumbs safely and efficiently. There are seperate thumb placements inside the lamp to enable your clients to position them accurately for perfect curing. The base is removable so it can be used to cure feet. It also has auto and manual timers with a low heat mode option to control heat spiking. No more taking up desk space using two lamps. This lamp saves room for you to work.

With having the option of curing both hands as you work, it will decrease treatment time which means fitting in more clients. More clients is more money, so this lamp is definitely worth investing in if you want to maximise the number clients you can fit in each day.


Stock to arrive mid January.



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