Aviva ProTool – Dual End Gel Brush


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Aviva ProTool – Dual Gel Brush

This is by far our bestselling gel brush. If you’re old school, and prefer to apply your gel products with a brush then this is the brush you need. Suitable to apply any of our gels. Either dispense on a pallete from a bottle or pot when using our ProSculpt hard gel. This versatile Dual Gel Brush can be used for builder gel application, hard gel, infilling, nail art and even tidying up around the cuticles.

One end is a flat, round gel applicator and the other, is a 2cm liner brush.

This ProTool is everything you need in one brush, including lids on both ends to keep it clean and protected. This sleek, white and rosegold ProTool is a must have! 


Builder Gel and Nail Art Courses Available. 


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