Aviva ProStick


Use for foils or nail art

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Aviva ProStick

(previously named Transfer gel)

Aviva ProStick is a foil gel that is used to create a super sticky surface. ProStick enables the transfer of nail foil easily onto your nails.  It can be used with any nail foils.

We recommend using APG ProShine Top Coat to fully seal nail art for a super long-lasting and shiny finish. 

Apply an even coat, making sure the whole nail is covered (for full cover). We recommend curing for 60 seconds in an APG LED lamp. Press the foil evenly onto the nail and peel away. Be creative and try out different ways of applying ProStick to achieve unique nail art. Always seal with choice of APG Top Coat.

Exclusive features:

  • Easy to use formula designed specifically for foil transfer
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Fast curing time with any APG LED Lamp
  • Easy application and soak of removal
  • No chips & scratch resistant
  • Bottle Size: 15ml
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